our journey

Feel Iceland is the brainchild of two Icelandic women, Kristín a mother of one from the bustling fishing village of XXX in the north of Iceland and Hrönn a mother of four from the world´s northernmost capital, Reykjavik.

Growing up in Iceland they both learned from a young age that the clean North Atlantic Ocean holds the secret to beauty and longevity. They wanted to fill the demand for a sustainable premium collagen supplement to help people look and feel their natural best.
These two entrepreneurial women looked to the cold, clean Icelandic waters that carry a bounty of nutrient-dense fish to create their best selling collagen supplements derived from fish skin. Feel Iceland is a global company rooted in sustainability that strives to create pure and effective products which are less impactful to the environment.

Replenish your body's natural resoures with Feel Icelands' ethically sourced marine collagen. 

Our story starts on the mysterious shores of the island nation of Iceland. Utilizing the treasure troves of geothermal heat, wild fish and health-giving pristine waters has helped this tiny nation in the North Atlantic Ocean survive and prosper since Viking times. Here, beauty is celebrated from an elemental perspective, taking cues from the land and sea to promote natural wellness.