True Icelandic Beauty

Sustainably beautiful collagen supplements from Iceland's cold, clean waters.

Feel Iceland product line

Our story

Growing up in Iceland, our founder Hrönn learned from a young age that the clean North Atlantic ocean holds the secret to beauty and longevity. These clean, pure waters carry a bounty of nutrient-dense fish that are the first step in creating the best collagen supplements in the world.
We use wild-caught fish to create our products, optimizing fishing practices by reducing waste. The Feel Iceland difference is the flash freezing of the fish, which preserves key nutrients.

How to use our Collagen

Replenish your body’s natural resources with Feel Iceland's ethically sourced marine collagen sustainable in product, footprint and packaging. 

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Hronn Magnusdottir

Founder and CEO

Asta Petursdottir

Director of sales and marketing