Software Expert and Spartan Athlete

Software Expert and Spartan Athlete

Benjamín Jónsson Wheat

How did you hear about Feel Iceland?

I underwent knee arthroplasty just over a year ago and I've had bad knees for as long as I can remember. I suffered an injury during a Spartan training session and then went under the knife. It usually takes a whole year to recover from such an operation, but I started looking at what I could do to get back on track as soon as possible. My wife suggested I try the Feel Iceland collagen after reading articles about people's amazing results with it.

How did you get into competing in Spartan races?

I have always been active.  I swam as a boy and practiced Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting for a long time. At the same time, I have always been a bit heavy and slow, so I decided to go to a Boot Camp to strengthen myself.  I have been running these camps myself now for 12 years. A Boot Camp takes a person far beyond the comfort zone and that's exactly how I want it. The harder, the better. Boot Camp exercises will never be easy, but they are varied and fun. I'm still slow and heavy, but I still enjoy every minute of exercise. 

How have the collagen supplements helped you?

I started using both Joint Therapy and the Powder and the results were impressive. I soon started to recover and feel much better and today I am completely pain free. It is a completely different life to be able to go and exercise without being in pain. 

Feel Iceland collagen has opened up a new and better world for me. I take it every day and take it with me wherever I go. 

How do you take the supplements?

I take four Joint capsules  a day and start each day by putting one large spoonful of collagen into my morning coffee or a smoothie. Before training I also put a spoonful in cold water. I am quick to recover after training and am immediately ready for the next training. The results are incredible. It is a great experience to finally be able to run longer and further and not feel any pain. My wife now takes collagen as well and I sometimes give it to my kids if they get injured when competing in football.