Cancer survivor, sports teacher and athlete

Cancer survivor, sports teacher and athlete

Rósa Björg

What made you try the Feel Iceland products?

In 2009 I was diagnosed with colon cancer. At the time I was an avid sportswomen and taught gymnastics and yoga and loved nothing more than hiking in my native Iceland. After radiotherapy and surgery my body was weak and I had to focus on my health and well-being. I wanted to be able to train again and build up endurance and started to experiment with various supplements.

After a decade of trying everything I read about the effects of collagen in 2018 and started using Feel Iceland's Amino Marine Collagen. There was no turning back. I immediately noticed a huge difference to my hair and nails as well as a surprisingly significant improvement with my digestion. Two months into taking the collagen the morning stiffness I had previously experienced lessened more and more as time went past. 

How have things changed since you started taking collagen supplements?

Today I walk and run daily and I hope to compete in a marathon this summer. I recommend the Feel Iceland products for those who want a natural, clean and very effective collagen supplement.