What made you decide to try the Feel Iceland supplements?

Architecture and sport is in my blood. My grandfather was a famous architect and also President of ÍSÍ Icelandic Olympic Association. I have always been very sporty and enjoyed competing in handball and football in my youth. 


I suffered a cruciate ligament injury twenty years ago and didn’t really believe in supplements until someone recommended that I try the Feel Iceland Joint therapy collagen capsules.  


What difference have the supplements made to your life?

Two months into taking the Joint Therapy capsules I noticed a big difference in my nails and hair, they became both thicker and more vibrant. I also felt better in the gym, I gained strength and found that the collagen was helping the movement in my damaged knee. Now I play golf, hike and ski and I am so happy that I was able to recover using a product that is clean, pure and sustainable. I am also very proud of the entrepreneurial spirit of the Icelandic women who continue to push boundaries with the Feel Iceland brand.