Nurse, Mother, Public Health Specialist and Yoga Teacher


How has the past year been for you working as a nurse in Iceland?

I grew up in Iceland and followed my dream to work in the health industry and trained to be a nurse. The past year working as a nurse through the Covid19 pandemic has been tough. It is a wonderful job and a real privilege to work with ambitious individuals who contribute everything to make society better and stronger. Iceland can be incredibly proud and grateful for all the experts who have contributed in recent months in the complex and difficult situation we have all experienced.


I am a strong advocate for the health and well-being of women, especially new mothers and infants.  I walk, swim or practise yoga every day and I believe that maintaining an active lifestyle is vital but I always warn patients against any extreme forms of nutrition and exercise.


How did you hear about Feel Iceland?

My Mama (who like many Icelandic women looks after her diet and health) gave me a starter pack from Feel Iceland. I put it on the shelf in my kitchen because it looked good and I liked the design but I didn't try it until a few weeks later. 


How do you take the Feel Iceland collagen?

I start every day with lemon in hot water followed by 10g of Feel Iceland´s Amino Marine Collagen powder in my strong coffee! 


Once I started I was hooked, I immediately felt a difference in my digestion and joints. It's part of my morning routine now and kick starts my digestion. We don't all have time to make smoothies every morning so I just add the collagen powder to my coffee or take it as a shot with some water and I am ready to go!.